Body Burden
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Toxic chemicals, both naturally occurring and man-made, often get into the human body. We may inhale them, swallow them in contaminated food or water, or in some cases, absorb them through skin. A woman who is pregnant may pass them to her developing fetus through the placenta. The term “body burden “refers […]

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The Maldives contributes less than 0.01% of the global Green House Gas emissions; even so the country is one of those that will be affected the most due to the Global Climate Change.

Land loss and Beach erosion; Over 80% of the land area is less than 1 m above mean […]

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Lankanfinolhu Faru, a dive site located on North Male’ Atoll, roughly the South East corner of Paradise Island Resort, an hour-long boat ride from the capital, Male’, is a famous Manta ray ray“ ‘Cleaning station”’ (ie. location where fish and other marine life congregate to be cleaned). This spectacular […]

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Vilinigili, not more than 10 minutes away from Capital Male’ in a ferry is now regarded as the Garden Village.

Before, and after Vilingili became a Garden Village, an engine-vehicle free zone, I often make visits to the land of beauty.

I felt […]

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Dying Mangroves
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On March 14, 2011 By

The tiny Archipelago of Maldives, not even visible on many of your Atlases is famous as a luxury tourist destination.

But more recently it has become famous as one of the countries which may be the first to disappear due to global warming.

The Net carbon emission of the […]

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Chandanee Magu, perhaps one of the busiest roads in Male’, especially during early morning hours around 6:30am and during the afternoon hours around 12:30pm, students keep rushing in flocks trying to make it before the bell rings. They really don’t want to be late for school. Two main schools are located on Chandanee […]

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Rising seas, a hoax?
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On March 12, 2011 By

“A mean sea-level rise of two meters would suffice to virtually submerge the entire country of 1190 small islands, most of which barely rise over two meters above mean sea-level. That would be a death of a nation. With a mere one meter rise, a storm surge would be catastrophic, and possibly fatal, […]

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A single PV cell is a thin semiconductor sandwich, with a layer of highly purified silicon. The silicon has been slightly doped with boron on one side and phosphorus on the other side. Doping produces either a surplus or a deficit of electrons, depending on which side we’re looking at. Electronics-savvy folks will recognize […]

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Ozone layer is a thin layer of gas above the earth’s surface which acts as a shield from the harmful ultraviolet B radiation emitted by the sun. It is formed 15 to 30 kilometers above the earth. Ozone is known to be a particular gas present both in the Earth’s upper atmosphere […]

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Friday 4 March 2011, Male’, Maldive – ECOCARE Maldives re-launched its website in a small ceremony that was held in Monsoons Restaurant in Male’. The site was inaugurated by Chairman Mr. Mohamed Zahir (Meem Zaviyani) and General secretary Mr. Moosa Maniku. This ceremony was attended by most of the ECOCARE volunteer staff.


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