350 Global eARTh – Maldives

Friday, 26th November 2010;

ECOCARE Maldives, planed and organized the 350 eARTh Maldives event where over 120 School students, locals and spectators will form a giant ‘Fahtarubai’; traditional necklace; off the island of Thulusdhoo as a symbol of the culture they wish to preserve amidst fears that the chain of island they call home could fully submerge under the rising seas.

However, due to harsh weather conditions and heavy rains the project did not go according to the plan. Even so ECOCARE managed to conduct an awareness gathering with the school students of Thulusdhoo Island, and made a smaller version of the “fahtarubai”. ECOCARE believes this project was a success since Climate Chang awareness and message was delivered to the students of this school, also students were able to understand how important a number “350″ really is.

350 eARTh Maldives ‘big picture’ will be a ‘Fahtarubai’, to represent one of the country’s oldest traditional wear. Maldives has been described as a beautiful necklace. The traditional ‘Fahtarubai’ that symbolizes the unity among the islands and the islanders who stand together in the battle against climate change! 350 is the most important number in the world—it’s what scientists say is the safe upper limit for carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

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350 in Maldives – 2009

Saturday, 17th October 2009;

350.org in Maldives 2009 – ECOCARE Maldives. Day of Climate actions in the Maldives.

  • 1600hrs – 1800hrs – Evening rally from Male’ Youth Center to Lonuziyaaraikolhu
  • 1600hrs – 2150hrs – Grounding 350 cars and 350 motor bikes
  • 1600hrs – 2150hrs – Cut down electricity from all government premises completely to achieve a reduction of power consumption by 350KW
  • 1600hrs – 2150hrs – Cut down electricity from residential places except for their basic needs to achieve a reduction of power consumption by 350KW
  • 1800hrs – 2150hrs – Fact sheets, animations and slideshows regarding the climate crisis
  • 2000hrs – 2150hrs- Environmental experts and other public figures share there concerns towards climate crisis
  • 2000hrs – 2150hrs – Entertainment sessions with Maldivian cultural music (powered by renewable energy)



Find details on the different 350.org activities, events and programs ECOCARE Maldives initiated and organized in 2009.

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