Earth Hour 2011

“EARTH HOUR” is a global grass root event organized by the World Wild Fund (WWF) – a global independent conservation organization – to create awareness about Global Warming and the impact it creates on our planet. It is a global call to action for every individual, every business, and every community; a call to stand and take control over the future of our planet. It is also the largest campaign for the planet in history.

The Scout Association of Maldives is the official country organizer of this event in Maldives. ECOCARE Maldives supports “EARTH HOUR” in Maldives and encourages all to go beyond the hour this year. Vote Earth – Switch off ! Get the latest updates here Projects is a grassroots global movement working to unite the world around solutions to the climate crisis—the solutions that science & justice demand. 350 is you, and the thousands of people like you who take it upon themselves to inspire your communities to action.
ECOCARE Maldives being an NGO committed to aware, protect and sustain the environment has partnered up with this global movement and has been working very closely with the global campaign, in organizing and initiating its activities and events in the Maldives. We understand that 350 is the most important number for the survival of our planet earth. Find more about our 350 events and activities here.

ECOCARE – Soneva Nature Trip

ECOCARE Maldives runs this project to create environmental awareness among school children. No expenses are born by the participants.  The school authority chooses relevant participants and staff to take part in the nature trip.

This project is run in Baa. Atoll, which is about 96 miles to the north of Malé.  National and International experts give lectures on environmental issues to the participants.  In addition, information-exchanging programmes and practical activities are held in this program. ECOCARE has organized and conducted its 12th Nature trip in 2010. We hope to continue this program in the coming years as well. learn more about the event here.

Trees for all needs – World Environment day 2006

A special event was organized by ECOCARE Maldives to celebrate 5th June 2006, World Environment day in Vilingili, Male’ where students from different schools took part in a fun and adventures tree climbing event. With safety equipment and ropes these students climbed one of the very large and oldest trees in Vilingili School. It was a fun and exciting activity for the participants who enjoyed this event where ECOCARE Maldives, encourage students to love, care and also at the same time enjoy nature at its fullest. The Minister of Environment, Energy and water Mr. Ahmed Abdullah and Deputy Minister Mr. Abdul Majeed accompanied by other staff at the Ministry also were present during this program. Certificates were given to participants of the event.

Medicinal Plants project

This was actually a part of the ongoing project “Plants found in the Maldives; a comprehensive guide”. However, Medicinal Plant project later began as a separate project where ECOCARE Maldives concentrated only on the medicinal plants and its uses. An inventory is being made and is been reviewed by ECOCARE where medicinal plants found in Maldives will be recorded. ECOCARE also have samples of these medicinal plants and herbs, including dried parts of the plants, different herbs, leaves, roots, twigs, etc all that are used in the traditional Maldivian herbal medicine “Dhivehi Beys verikan”. We are currently compiling the data on each of these plants and doing necessary further study that is required. In future we hope to publish our work and make it available for all. This is an ongoing ECOCARE Maldives project.

Birds and Insects database

ECOCARE Maldives has been working on establishing a Birds and Insects database of the Maldives. The project is an ongoing project where ECOCARE has been documenting photographic data as well as habitual data of the birds and insects that are found in the Maldives. A special emphasis has been given to the protected birds of Maldives as well as sea birds found in Maldives. Almost 60% of this work in completed and the rest remains in progress. ECOCARE hopes to publish the database as a guide and to develop a web based database where we can share the findings and documentation. Unfortunately progress remains very slow and most important and technical work is yet to be done. Major difficulties we are faced include lack of financial support, since the project involves lot of traveling, technical equipment, resources and time. A lot of financial support and backing is needed in order to successfully complete this project.

Plants found in Maldives; A comprehensive guide

ECOCARE Maldives is currently working on developing a comprehensive guide on the plants found in Maldives. For long time we have been collecting and gathering data about the plants found in the Maldives, where they are common, habited and other habitual data. ECOCARE needs to develop the computerized database and to compile all the data gathered which include photographic data and other information. ECOCARE is also hoping to plan workshops in parts of Maldives where necessary information needs to be finalized. We also seek professional expertise help to work with us on the project. Furthermore since the project involves lot of traveling specially to the Islands, technical equipment, resources and time a lot of financial support and backing is needed in order to successfully complete this project.