17th January 2012

ECOCARE Maldives ‘Don’t Cage Dolphins’ Campaign – Facebook page (, was managed and administrated by some ECOCARE members, together with some partner organizations. However, from sometime in the last 24 hours, one of the administrators on the page has revoked administrator rights from ECOCARE members and all other administrators. We regret to inform all members who have ‘liked’ and joined the page that,  actions of this impostor has misled page members in the last couple of hours. It is no longer the ECOCARE Maldives official Facebook ‘Don’t Cage Dolphins’ Campaign page.

This impostor, a person or a group, has revoked the administrator rights from ECOCARE members and all other administrators and has started posting anti-campaign statuses on the page wall. They are misusing, abusing and harassing the campaign and its members. Their use of our page is unethical and immoral. They are abusing and misusing out intellectual property. We strongly condemn this act of cowardly anti-campaign attempt.

Note that we have created a new ECOCARE Maldives Don’t Cage Dolphins Campaign page on Facebook, this time with only ECOCARE members as administrators. Join our Official Campaign page here.

New page URL is

This Page has been taken over by the anti-campaign. An impostor is the administrator now. It is NOT the official ECOCARE Facbook ‘Don’t Cage Dolphins Campaign’ page. 

One Response to Breaking-news: “Don’t Cage Dolphins” Facebook campaign page HIJACKED!

  1. Berman says:

    This is typical of the pro captivity industry concerning Dolphins.  This industry operates 
    in darkness, and is behind the disgusting trade in dolphins. 
    To hijack a facebook page by any NGO is a disruption of Free Speech and Press. 
    The dolphin captivity industry does not want the truth told of their business as it would 
    actually allow for consumers to then stop buying tickets to these abusive dolphin shows. 
    Heres to Ecocare for an excellent job in exposing the truth about this dolphin traffic empire.
    Mark Berman
    Earth Island Institute 

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