28 November 2011, Monday

A meeting was held in the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and culture, with Diving Association of Maldives (DAM) and ECOCARE Maldives regarding the heated issue of developing a dolphin park in the Maldives.

Both NGO’s brought forward the issue of developing a dolphin park in the Maldives as a huge concern that would bring about a lot of negative impacts to the tourism industry, as well as the environment of the country.

DAM consists of mainly divers working in the tourism industry and as Ecocare is an environmental NGO, that consists of passionate environmental activists; One of our concern is that as dolphin excursions are one of the main tourist activities in the country, if such a development was to be undertaken, it could affect the current dolphin excursions that take place in most of the tourist resorts and reduce the amount of these excursion trips. 

DAM and ECOCARE Maldives strongly stands against caging the dolphins and doing scientific research that are currently undergoing in different parts of the world. “The affects of bringing an alien species into the country is unknown and unpredictable” said Zoona, Dive Instructor and the current President of DAM. Issues such as dolphins committing suicide in captivity were raised in the meeting to raise the importance of not undertaking such a project.

Another issue raised during the meeting was the importance of preserving the major dive sites of Maldives. The government has planned to reclaim different lagoons in south Male’ atoll where the best dive sites of Maldives have been known. Destroying the species or an ecosystem at whole is not acceptable. If the government plans for future developments it should strictly consider the environment ahead of financial benefits.

Mariyam Zulfa, the Minister of Tourism, stated that, she is totally against the development of a dolphin park. However she said that it’s not only her decision and that the decision is made by the cabinet. Also she mentioned that there are many other projects that undermine the environment but rather look into the financial benefits undergoing in the country. After the meeting with Minister of Tourism by chance we met the Minister of Housing and Environment, Mohamed Aslam and when asked about the situation he mentioned that he is not willing to give a professional comment.



10 Responses to ECOCARE and DAM meets Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture on Dolphin issue

  1. Guest says:

    haha….the financial benefits are more important for Maldives right now than a bunch of stupid dolphins…

    • Athfal says:

      as far as i am concerned the dolphins are more intelligent than you…they would at least protect there own kind…how o you actually feel? do you really think we should cage these animals?

      • Faisal Ahmed says:

        as far as you are concerned you can see only the word “dolphin” and nothing else. How can you be so biased to dolphins??? intelligence???? i know they are very lovable creatures. but is it is ok for the maldivian divers and to you environmentalists to harass the whale sharks, dolphins and mantas in the maldives. touch them, hurt them and disturb them in their natural habitats, destroying their feeding areas and messing with their reproduction.

        what better way to leave the wild population to prosper and manage the “human need to see and interact” with these amazing creatures with dolphins who from their birth have been used to it and now cannot live without it.

        If you have done any research, you would know that these dolphins cannot survive in the wild now and the whole industry can be sustained with the existing dolphins who are born into captivity. They are reproducing and enjoying their human interactions. Why not provide the best home we can offer for these creatures and take care of them with the best possible means???

        You would rather see them dead or provide a better home for them? AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED, the Maldives is the best home, they can get. Better than any artificial tank in any sea world. And to know they are not going to be used for our entertainment but for education and awareness is even more gratifying. I have to say, shame on you all who can’t digest the very facts that can change the attitude of everyone in the Maldives and make them more in touch with the world and its amazing creatures.

        • Ahmed Shiham says:

          ecocare maldives is currently the only active ngo in the Maldives doing anything to stop environmental issues here.
          but we’re just a few in numbers and everyone is a volunteer in ecocare maldives.
          maybe, paid “sea police” needs to be on the watch for the issues you stated about mantas, whale sharks, etc..
          and with our hard work, we’ve finally managed to make “hanifaru bay” in baa atoll a biosphere reserve.

          faisal, no wild animal should be imported (captive born what so ever). these dolphins are from Caribbean. isn’t that already a crazy thing to do!?

          how do you get a captive breed? by poaching the parent wild dolphins from the sea! poaching the dolphins or any other animal from wild is WRONG!

          would you like to support the poachers for their wrong doings and reward them up to $300,000 per dolphin?
          why should we be providing better homes? they shouldn’t have done it at the first place.
          those captive breeds need to be released into the wild. in the lagoon or wild, captive breed dolphins age is a lot shorter than the wild ones.

          what education can you possibly get? if we want to aware and educate Maldivians on dolphins, first learn dolphins around us..
          don’t cage them and give orders to make them do what you want.. cuz in that case, you’re learning how to manipulate it.. you’re not learning the natural behavior of the creature.. thats improper education..

    • Ahmed Shiham says:

      financial benefits are important to everyone all the time right? how about not stealing from the sea to get that money?

      lack of knowledge is what keeps you in the dark age. learn why we’re against this:

      • Guest says:

        those dolphins are more important for you all than the humans who are struggling to make ends meet. getting those few more dollars will make the country’s economy to improve. thats whats important right now not a bunch of stupid dolphins.

        • Ahmed Shiham says:

          i don’t see how a “few” more dollars can improve our country’s economy. in any case we aren’t against improving our country’s economy.
          by the way, do you also happen to know the cost of this project? how much is invested in to this country? how much is going out of the country? the HARD FACT is that, out of 10 Million, 8 Million is spent on JUST BUYING THE DOLPHINS! which is going out of the country! trying saving our economy and Dolphins now!!

      • hameed says:

        lol we are 99% sea what  do u expect! i totally love this dolphin park idea finally somthing to do around here. 

        • Ahmed Shiham says:

          i’m sure you have much important things and more interesting things to do in Maldives than playing with a bunch of dolphins. though the recreational center sounds good, if thats what you mean.

  2. Annarosa says:

    Typisch wenn es um VERANTWORTUNG geht kein Kommentar. ERBÄRMLICH

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