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ECOCARE Maldives condemns the Cabinets approval to lease lagoon for the development of a Dolphin Park in the Maldives. Dolphins in the Maldives is a Protect Marine species since 15 May 1993. Whether the dolphins in question are imported in to the country or whether it is captive born and trained, ECOCARE Maldives stand strongly opposed to the concept of captivity/cage (enclosed in lagoon) of these marine mammals. We should not encourage the development of such facilities and centers in the country.

According to the government gazette, the Cabinet on October 4 deliberated on a paper presented by the Finance Ministry and approved the proposal to lease the lagoon located between Thilafushi and Baros to Mansoor as decided by the National Planning Council. The Cabinet decided to lease the lagoon situated between Thilafushi and Baros (N 55’15 4 degree, E 18’25 73) to famous Maldivian tennis player Mr. Amir Mansoor for 21 years.

Government Gazette

ECOCARE Maldives have launched a campaign against the decision by the Cabinet to lease the lagoon for the development of this Dolphin Park and Dolphin training center. Join our campaign on Facebook “Don’t Cage Dolphins” to voice out your concerns on this issue.

ECOCARE Maldives is joined with “Protect Us” an animal rights activists group also based in Maldives in this campaign. To join our campaign contact us on our campaign/cause page on Facebook.

Check out ECOCARE Maldives post by Azan Abdulla : 
A dolphin Park? Or a dolphin cage?

Also find a petition by The Nautical Tribe :
STOP the proposed Dolphin Lagoon in the Maldives!


24 Responses to “Don’t Cage Dolphins!” – ECOCARE Maldives

  1. khathoub says:

    “Don’t Cage Dolphins”

  2. khathoub says:

    “Don’t Cage Dolphins”….

  3. Aishath says:

    First do enough research about this and oppose. please.

    • Aaiz. says:

      We understand the situation, we have researched it we also know Amir’s arguments for this project and we still oppose it.  Such a lagoon is unacceptable in Maldives.

  4. Ammadey says:

    Go amir! this is a very good idea!

  5. Aishath says:

    In addition to caging these beautiful mammals, the plan includes introduction of exogenous dolphins to the Maldivian environment. Other countries have had negative environmental impacts due to introducing non-native species – see Galapagos as an example. This must NOT be allowed!

    • Yes … It is a concern we share too … ECOCARE Maldives does not support the introduction of non-native species in to the country and strongly stand opposed to the very idea behind dolphins being trapped in enclosed lagoons and used as circus animals in the country … 

  6. Boduboa says:

    I would like to see some friendly dolphins having fun. The trained dolphins love to show off.  Besides it might take our minds off from these uncivilised politics of Maldives

    • Aaiz. says:

      It is really unlikely that the dolphins would be having fun when they are kept restricted in the lagoon. The dolphins are free creatures. they love to roam the seas and in Maldives, dolphins have always been able to do that. They might not be maldivian dolphins but they do not deserve to be in captivity either. 

      And this is Maldives we are talking about. If you travel in the sea sooner or later you’d come across dolphins and there are actually dolphin safaris etc which enable us to go dolphin watching, so this lagoon is not only unnecessary but it is also unacceptable.

    • Mina says:

      The dolphins don’t enjoy showing off. Dolphin shows employ many methods to force the dolphins to perform as they wish. One of the most common being withholding food. 

  7. BohFummaa says:

    Why are these environmentalists so misunderstood? It is a
    PROTECTED RESERVE, not a ZOO. It will bring in state revenue in the millions, and
    there are many of its kind all over the world. Get your facts from actual legit
    sources, not from movies like “Flipper”. Why not take your pickets and go
    scream at whoever allowed a big fat crocodile to be squeezed into a little box
    smack in the middle of a children’s park? These dolphins are swimming in open water;
    they will provide marine biology research opportunities in the Maldives, they
    will be conserved and protected, they will develop tourism. Why must all Maldivians be expert
    politicians and economists and activists? Calm down, and give this idea a
    chance – start protesting when they actually start abusing the dolphins.  

    A lagoon is an open expanse of water that is separated from
    the sea by atoll reef. The said development involves giving legal protection to
    such a lagoon against fishing, development and human activity, creating a safe
    sanctuary for dolphins. What part of this sounds threatening to you, really?

    With this kind of mentality no wonder we are at this stage of development.

    • Aya Naseem says:

      Dhivehi Anonymous- no wonder u wish to remain anonymous. Practice what u preach and do some research. A ZOO by any other fancy name still holds the same principle. Do you think they can name this a zoo and get away with it? its what dolphinariums around the world do. Can you name one dolphinarium that has actually widened our perspectives on dolphins?! there are NONE. They are all forced to say its for research purposes, just to keep the masses happy. Dolphins in captivity are deformed in their ways and behaviours, and any observations made under captive conditions are not accurate. It is exactly the same as studying human behaviour- only in a prison. If the dolphins are so happy and healthy in captivity, how come there are no dolphinariums that have been able to keep them alive for more than 2-5 years? yes, that is the statistic, a number that has been hidden from the public for years. Dolphins are supposed to live for 45 years! Justify that, Mr Anonymous. On what level is that ok?   Is it worth the entertainment? maybe for small minded people such as yourself, it is justified by the money it will bring in..  
      your comment ‘start protesting when they actually start abusing the dolphins’- do u even realise how stupid that sounds? Are you going to be the one standing there to see if they do that? will it not be too late then? A lagoon with a net around it is NOT an open expanse. 

      With your kind of mentality, no wonder we are heading into the dark ages. 

    • Ahmed Shiham says:

      unfortunately you don’t know the meaning of either a PROTECTED RESERVE or a ZOO. so we suggest you to LEARN.. http://bit.ly/ubFwSl this will also give you an idea of the crocodile issue.
      BUT you got it right about the MONEY, honey! what you didn’t think is that, stealing from the nature is also a CRIME.

      and your argument is that this is done for research purpose? YOU MAKE ME LAUGH! seriously, do you think you can you get any actual result comparatively equilibrium to that of a Dolphin swimming in an open sea?

      tourism will benefit too aye? define how the sunset cruise boats get revenue once this is implemented?

      thanks for sharing what you know about the lagoons. but, what you didn’t know about the lagoons is, lagoons does not host living habitat for dolphins OR lets just say, it is not where dolphins live in reality.



  8. Per Jacobsson says:

    Do not put in the Dolphins in a cage, it is stupid when you have a full open sea for them where people just take a boat and out and see them in free life

  9. R Grippe says:

    Stay Eco friendly  the Maldives !   no captive Dolphins will prove it

    Ragnar Grippe

  10. Miz_u_baby says:

    “Don’t cage dolphins”

  11. against dhivehi anonymous!! says:

    the crocodile was found in the waters of Maldives. It wasn’t brought here and then left in the small cage. Forget about the crocodile, there is nothing we can do about it. Even if we let it go, it wont survive. From the start the crocodile wanted to move somewhere else obviously, but it would never expected to be caught and kept in a cage. Apart from crocodiles, dolphins are found to be more intelligent. And us humans take advantage everyday all around the globe. Sure they would seem happy and do the tricks, because doing a trick is the main way they get fed. DOG BISCUIT method!!
    There have been studies that show dolphins in captivity even go to an extent where they would rather commit suicide due to stress than live that fame driven life.
    Its a shame dhivehi anonymous, that you can just sit back and write supporting this cruel idea. Maybe you are one of the people who think that humans are above all. That you can just change the whole ecosystem just by bringing an invasive specie!! No one would even come to think what would happen. And its just for the money, the pleasure!!
    it doesn’t seem like a threat to you because you might not have a clue of what will happen.
    You are suggesting we sit back and SEE if anything happens and then ACT? after all the damages have already been done??
    And lets start with Mr.Amir Mansoor, say maybe we let him do this. How many more business minded people with limited information would go ahead and play monkey see monkey do???
    in the end our own people would catch the dolphins from our own BACKYARD!! and then there would be people who would obviously do it for a few notes, imagine this goes on and  you expect us to wait until your stupid scheme goes to plan???

  12. against dhivehi anonymous!! says:

    and that picture is taken undersea right???not a cage

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