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Plastic is a well known obsession which is made out of oil by a chemical process. This is light in weight and is used to make different objects. Since 1852, the discovery of plastic by Alexender Parkes, it has become an irrefutable part of human life. Plastic bags are […]

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Ozone layer is a thin layer of gas above the earth’s surface which acts as a shield from the harmful ultraviolet B radiation emitted by the sun. It is formed 15 to 30 kilometers above the earth. Ozone is known to be a particular gas present both in the Earth’s upper atmosphere […]

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The Republic of Maldives is a chain of low lying coral islands scattered across the Indian Ocean. It consists of 1192 islands on 26 natural atolls, spreading across an area of nearly 107,500 sq km. The island nature of the Maldives and the fact that the population is spread across many small islands, […]

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