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20th May 2013

Press Release
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SONEVA – ECOCARE Nature Trip is an internationally recognized, nationally acknowledged Environment Awareness Program run by ECOCARE Maldives, to create awareness among the school children of Malé and Baa Atoll. From its very beginning in June […]

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Two of our Volunteer Staff, Mr. Mohamed Affan and Mr. Maeed M. Zahir attended the First National Stakeholders Conference on declaring Maldives a Biosphere Reserve, that was held at Bandos Island Resort on 8th November 2012.

Our participants stressed all relevant authorities to formulate important and necessary laws and regulations […]

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Chairman of ECOCARE Maldives Mr. Mohamed Zahir has met with Mr. Amir Mansoor, an individual who’s been on the endeavor of introducing a dolphin park at a lagoon in the Maldives. This is their conversation. The meeting was held at an office located at Lily Company’s owner Malla Nasir’s building on January 1, 2012 from […]

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17th January 2012

ECOCARE Maldives ‘Don’t Cage Dolphins’ Campaign – Facebook page (, was managed and administrated by some ECOCARE members, together with some partner organizations. However, from sometime in the last 24 hours, one of the administrators on the page has revoked administrator rights from ECOCARE […]

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ECOCARE Chairman Mr. Mohamed Zahir (Meem Zaviyani) has met with Mr. Amir Mansoor, famous tennis player who the government has leased the lagoon between Thilafushi and Baros to develop a Dolphin Park in the country, on his request.

Meem Zaviyani informed “ECOCARE Maldives – […]

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28 November 2011, Monday

A meeting was held in the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and culture, with Diving Association of Maldives (DAM) and ECOCARE Maldives regarding the heated issue of developing a dolphin park in the Maldives.

Both NGO’s brought forward the issue of developing a dolphin park […]

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I am not sure if I can comment on this page. For neither am I a Maldivian nor a marine biologist. However, having spent most of my childhood days in the place i still call ‘Paradise on Earth’ I would like to share my thoughts […]

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I am a 15 year old student. I have been fascinated by dolphins and whales as long as I can remember. Since I opened my eyes into a blessed island surrounded by the ocean, I have seen dolphins more than a few times in the wild. In my eyes, I saw breathtaking creatures […]

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Dear EcoCare Maldives,

I am Mark Berman Associate Director of Earth Island Institute and the director of dolphin safe tuna monitoring worldwide. This includes the dolphin safe tuna industry of Maldives.

I can state that the claim that only captive born dolphins from outside Maldives will be imported is […]

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ECOCARE Maldives welcomes the decision by the Cabinet to invest on solar charged electricity in 29 islands in the Maldives. ECOCARE Maldives supports the Governments endless efforts to invest more on green economy and sustainable development in the country. This shows the Governments commitment to make Maldives a Carbon-Neutral country by 2020.


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