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All of our mutual hopes and aspirations lie in the conservation of our environment and maintaining the beloved ecological balance. We are also gathered together to provide a forum to advocate the protection of the rights of the much neglected weaker species which we humans tend to believe are beneath us.

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Environmentalism or environment protection moment as we know it originates back to mid 19th century. In Great Britain in the year of 1863, a set of laws were passed to fight air pollution in the name of British Alkali acts. As we move on to the 20th century, the environmentalist movement became […]

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Stop illegal killing of Turtles – ECOCARE Maldives

Since the arrival of mankind on our planet, we have colonized the four pinnacles of earth and declared ourselves masters above all other species. Armed by our status as Homo sapiens sapiens priding with the power to think and extraordinary brain power altogether, […]

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