• ECOCARE organizes sessions for school children and public through the help of international expertise on some highly pressing environmental issues such as climate change.
  • Scented flowering plants common in Malé in the past, but are no longer seen, are re-introduced with the help of devoted parties and are distributed in Malé once or twice a year.
  • Work has been started to collect and compile a complete inventory of all the plants that are grown and found in the Maldives.  These plants include indigenous and exotic varieties.  This led to another piece of work that is of great interest, which is to take a complete inventory of the medicinal plants and parts of the plants found in the Maldives. Once this work has been completed in full, it will be presented in the form of a database that would accessible to any parties who are interested.
  • ECOCARE envisages compiling a database of Insects and Birds of Maldives.
  • Since plastic containers and bags are an environmental hazard to coral reefs and its life alike, ECOCARE has carried out special awareness programmes to school children and general public through media and visiting schools in person.  Paper bags of different sizes and varieties are brought to Maldives and are distributed to schools and other NGO’s as samples to promote the use of paper bags to replace the use of plastic bags.
  • Environmental videos and slides are made available in Ecocare for the use of environmental awareness programs run by both Malé and atoll schools and government authorities alike.
  • A series of lectures was given to primary schools in Malé from 1998 to 2000 under a programme called Awareness 2000.  Resident and expatriate resource personnel gave these lectures. In addition, these lectures were facilitated by videos and slides.

Mentioned above are the major activities run by ECOCARE to enhance environmental awareness. All of these services provided to whoever has the need is free of charge and its users are not required to be members of Ecocare. Sonevafushi Tourist Resourt have provided funding for most of these programs and activities. For the awareness 2000 programme Canadian Embassy provided financial assistance to purchase some audiovisual equipment. In addition, some local business parties also provide financial assistance to some programs run by ECOCARE.

ECOCARE is grateful to parties who grant financial assistance or any other forms of assistance to carry out environmental programs. In the past years ECOCARE Maldives have proven to be a leading environment organization in the Maldives. ECOCARE has awarded the Green Leaf Award by the Government of Maldives in recognition for the contribution of the NGO in working for the protection, sustainability and conservation of the environment of the Maldives. Again ECOCARE Maldives and Sonevafushi Tourist Resort shared a Green Leaf Award for the ECOCARE – SONEVA Nature trip program organized by ECOCARE. This program has been awarded international recognition as well as awards.




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