What we do:

  • A strong campaign, in earnest, was launched in 1994 to protect the marine turtle.  Under this campaign, an educational awareness kit including three post-cards, firsthand information card and an educational booklet was distributed in the tourism sector to stop the turtle trade in the Maldives. In addition, appeals were sent to members of parliament to ban turtle trade in the Maldives.  Mass media was used to create awareness among the general public of the same. In 1995 the government declared a total ban on catching, killing and any form of turtle trade in the Maldives.
  • Posters were distributed to create awareness in government offices, schools and the general public in the use of paper.  More than 50,000 posters were distributed this way.
  • On days like the World Environment Day and World Clean up Day Ecocare had actively participated in programs organized by the government and schools.
  • Under the Two Million Tree-planting program and Independent Maldives, Clean Maldives ECOCARE had participated actively and prepared awareness materials such as posters to create awareness among the public.
  • Members of ECOCARE give advice on running environmental programs and lecture on environmental issues in both schools and tourist resorts to create awareness.
  • ECOCARE provides photographs, gives guidance to government authorities, private organizations and foreign parties in publishing books, printing calendars and reports on the environment of the Maldives.
  • International environmental organizations such as Environment Investigation Agency (London), CIDAM International (USA) have visited the Maldives and have run joint environment awareness programs with ECOCARE.
  • ECOCARE runs a small library on general environmental aspects.  This library is extensively used by school children. Foreign experts use the library for their reference in writing their theses and reports on their studies.
  • Reprints were made of the 50,000 booklets printed initially on turtle awareness in 1994 and are being distributed presently.  The reprint was made on request from some concerned authorities.
  • Similar campaign to that of the Save the Turtle was started to SAVE THE SHARK in the year 2000.  The awareness booklets on Save the Shark are being distributed.
  • Beginning the year 2000 an ongoing environmental awareness program has been launched to create awareness among the school children of Malé and Baa Atoll.  Baa Atoll lies about 96 miles to the north of Malé. Hence, arranging transportation for 50 participants including school children and teachers to the atoll is organized in each of these trips.  School children from Malé and islands in Baa atoll work as colleagues to study the environmental issues such as mangrove ecosystem, coral reefs, beach erosion, biodiversity, natural vegetation, waste, etc. in the atoll. This is done to use the school holidays effectively and in a useful manner.

The organized tasks by this project makes the opportunity available for a number of youngsters who are deprived and robbed of the opportunity to experience and appreciate what they have missing in the dusty, smoke-laden concrete city of Malé, a place totally devoid of any greenery.  These children who are confined to an environment where they are constantly living in the fear of being hit by a vehicle, breath in air full of carbon monoxide and dust, have never had the opportunity to feel the cool crisp soft sand beneath their feet, are introduced to an environment full of lush green plants that protect them from the heat of the sun, gives them the opportunity to see and experience in person the beauty and peculiarity of mangrove swamps, enjoy the wild fragrance of grasses and flowers naturally grown without human interference. They are given a fraction of a chance to learn what environment is and what could be done to protect and preserve the environment for a sustainable future development.  Their eyes will be open on the great magnitude of the heavy dependence the fishing industry and tourism have on the coral reefs and life around it and the great importance of protecting the reefs.

School children and the community in the islands of Baa atoll are made aware; by the school children from Male, the extent of the environmental degradation that Malé has gone through in its urbanization and warn of similar consequences which lie in store for them should they dare follow the same path of development as Malé did.

Today’s children but the political figures of tomorrow that will shoulder the burden of protecting the environment are the participants of these programs.

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